“The power of pilgrimage is such because the pilgrim has left her normal world and entered another realm ... The states of the journey allow the pilgrim to be more and more attentive to her centre … It is a contemplative activity, and is a prayer of the feet.  Fundamental to all pilgrimage is the interior footwork.” *

There are profound lessons to be learned when we take a physical outer journey that is soaking with spiritual metaphor.

Pilgrimage on Camino de Santiago

2020 dates coming soon

Join a long lineage of pilgrims and experience the profound impact of this ancient path. You and a few others, will have the benefit of complete trip planning before, companionship during the walk, and essential debrief time during and after the Camino is complete.

Pilgrimage on the Elora-Cataract Trail

Life at 4km/hour has a way of bringing perspective and insight - and you don’t need to travel to some distant, exotic and ancient place.

Join a small band of other pilgrims in beautiful southwestern Ontario for this 3 day pilgrimage.

Personal coaching for your own trip

Turn your own hiking trip into a soul-full experience. Get the support before and after your own trip to ensure you’re paying attention to the most important details of your “inner camino”. Whether you are traveling to the “official” Camino in Spain, or are creating your own trip of a lifetime, consider the terrain of your soul and the maps you’ll need to navigate well.


Christa believes walking can be a powerful spiritual practice and is happiest on the trail. She has been profoundly impacted by the experience of pilgrimage both abroad and locally here in Ontario.Christa has had over 15 years experience leading experiential learning teams in 7 countries and is excited about companioning people in their own practice of pilgrimage.

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*from SpiritualityandPractice.com