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Interested in partnering with Christa to offer soul-full experiences, helpful resources, & personal support to those seeking to deepen their interior life?


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Are you a spiritual director, a workshop/retreat leader, content creator, pastor, coach, event producer, retreat centre host, mindfulness/ meditation teacher, a yoga instructor, administrator-extrodinairre(!), poet, musician, artist - or essentially any professional with experience and a solid track record of supporting people in their spiritual journey?

If you like what you see here and feel resonance with my approach, I’d love to hear from you.

Perhaps we’ll discover some alignment and want to work together in the future. Working with a team is always more fun!

Contact me here and I’ll be in touch.

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Christa & SoulPlay are rooted in the Christian tradition. This question is not to deter professionals from other faith/no faith traditions from inquiring.