Workshops & Events

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”- Pierre Teillard de Chardin

Every workshop and event is designed with your soul in mind. Let us help you slow down so you can wake up and listen to your life.


Soul Goals Workshop

Through a series of gently guided reflections and experiential exercises, you will have the quiet space, time, and support to gain clarity and calm.

 Whether you have an active faith in God, are in a season of doubt, or exploring your spiritual path without any particular religious affiliation, this workshop is a safe place to pay attention and uncover what is most true, good and beautiful about your life.


ContemPLAYte Sessions

Are you burnt out on religion? Has faith stalled out? Craving more quiet and simplicity in your connection with God?

Break from busy. Breathe Deep. Listen to your soul. Come learn and experience the benefits of Christian contemplative practice in a small, supportive setting.

Go ahead…let a little play into your soul.

Side Road Saunter

Looking for an afternoon to reset after the summer and refresh for the fall season ahead? Embrace a slower pace so you can engage your active life. Take time to listen to your soul while walking in peace.

Enjoy this half day guided, mindful walking experience in the rural, pastoral landscape of southwestern Ontario, just outside of Elora, Ontario - “Ontario’s most beautiful village”.


Enneagram Boot-Camp Workshop

Save the Date! Saturday, April 4, 2020 Oakville, Ontario

We are excited to host Chris Heuertz, author of the widely popular, “The Sacred Enneagram”. He’ll be teaching a day-long workshop for those both new and already familiar with the Enneagram. His new book is due out in Spring 2020 and he’ll be sharing new content during this workshop.

Registration opens in Fall 2019.

HUSH: An Introduction to Contemplative Practice

Contemplation is anything that pierces your illusions and helps you touch Reality.” (Parker Palmer)

Christianity has a rich heritage of contemplative practice that supports people’s connection to God. And while much of these have been “lost” over the centuries, there is a growing interest and recognition of their profound support for our spiritual journey.


The Book Club

*Sign up now until June 30 to participate.

Reading An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor in this unique online book club experience, we’ll dive into meaningful ways to discover the sacred in the small things we do and see - from simple practices such as walking, working, to offering kindness to others and prayer. What a great way to bring some presence and attention to your soul this spring!

Are you looking for someone to facilitate a soul-full workshop?

Contact Christa to discuss the possibilities of working together.