Coaching Your Inner Camino

“A Pilgrimage is the journey of those who deliberately seek answers to the questions of meaning, purpose and eternity. Instead of seeking fulfillment in things that will never satisfy, the sacred pilgrim sets out to find that which the heart truly desires: God’s very presence.”


You’ve decided to embark on an adventure that will mean something. You’re looking for refreshment, healing, or a new perspective. You’re trusting this trip will be something that will impact you for a lifetime.

So much time and effort have gone into the planning and logistics.

But there is one thing that is often over looked. Have you considered the terrain of your soul and the map you’ll need to navigate it well? Whether you are calling your trip a pilgrimage or not, paying attention to your interior life is worth it. It’s no small thing to give yourself this time to slow down so you can wake up to your soul.

Your “inner camino” are the questions and ideas that will form within you as you walk. Processing your past, considering where you are at today, and envisioning your future are all a part of meaningful pilgrimage. Whether you are traveling to the official Camino de Santiago in Spain, or are creating your own pilgrimage in a different part of the world,

I’d like to help.

‘Inner Camino’ Coaching includes:

  • confidential private sessions to explore and determine your unique pilgrim purpose

  • hand-tailored resource list including books, articles, music, poetry to amplify your experience

  • on-the-trail reflection questions and inspirational quotes that will support your process

  • “pro-tips” to make your walking experience meaningful

  • answering your logistical questions about travel, gear, hostels, walking prep plan, etc.

  • private session upon your return to help you debrief and process your trip (this is the most often overlooked element for pilgrims, and yet the journey actually “begins” when you return home!)

If you are interested in learning more, including information about coaching packages and fees, please use the contact form below to connect with Christa.,

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