Spiritual Direction

Are you looking for someone to companion you in your spiritual life? A spiritual director is a person who has experience in the spiritual journey and is willing to be in service to a person’s desire to open to, and discern the presence of the Divine (God/Spirit/Source) in their life.

Whether you have been a person of faith for a long time, are in a season of doubt and disorientation, or coming into a brand new awareness of God in your life, regardless of tradition or creed, spiritual direction can be a valuable support on a person’s spiritual path.

The spiritual direction relationship is often compared to the relationship a midwife has to a pregnant mother giving birth. The director is a companion, an encourager, and a gentle listening guide, working with you and bearing witness to what God is “birthing” in this season of your life.

People often seek out a spiritual director when they are wanting to deepen their relationship with God, want to discern God’s presence and action in a given situation/ transition, or when God seems confusing, distant, or absent.

Spiritual direction is not counseling or formal therapy, and should not replace these important modalities. To learn more about Spiritual Direction, check out Spiritual Direction International

If you are interested in learning more about, or entering a relationship with a spiritual director, please use the contact form below. All responses are kept in strict confidence. We want to find you a great-fit spiritual director.

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Christa & SOULPLAY are rooted in the Christian tradition. This question is not meant to deter people who identify with a different faith or "no faith" tradition.

Christa Hesselink has been guiding individuals and groups as they dig deeper into their spiritual life for her entire twenty year career. Christa is a certified coach, certified yoga instructor, and is training to become a spiritual director with the Haden Institute which is rooted in the Christian tradition. She was in pastoral ministry for over ten years, holds a Master’s of Leadership and a Master’s of Theology degree, and is a well-respected speaker, workshop facilitator, and retreat leader.

Christa is a member of Spiritual Directors International.