“Silence is the language of God” - Thomas Keating

The swift speed in which life moves these days can be dizzying. Screen-time, jam-packed schedules, and the onslaught of information is making us sick. Going on a silent retreat, allows you to calibrate the rhythms of your life, focus on your values and priorities, and help you get in touch with your body, heart, mind, and soul.

Slowing down and taking time away from your routine and distractions is the first step to inviting solitude and silence into your life.

It’s counter-culture, but our core craves it like never before.

Start the decade, and the year off from a centered & grounded place.


Friday & Saturday, January 10-11, 2020

Location: Five Oaks Retreat Centre, Brantford, Ontario

Time: Retreat begins Friday at 7pm and ends at 4pm on Saturday.

You know that breaking away, catching your breath, and listening deeply is likely a good idea, but you’re not entirely sure you can handle the quiet.

This semi-silent retreat offers a excellent introduction to the benefits of silence and provides helpful tips to make the most of your experience.

It’s designed specifically for those who may be new to the silent retreat experience, and yet it’s a perfect opportunity to get away if you’re a veteran to retreats like this.

Spiritual Direction may be available during this retreat, where participants can meet with a spiritual direction for 45-60 minutes at some point throughout the retreat.

Capacity: 20 participants

Cost: $195.00/person

Cost Includes:

  • Your own private room that includes a comfortable bed, desk, & window. Note: you will share a bathroom with a few people.

  • Plenty of delicious refreshments on both Friday evening and Saturday, and Saturday breakfast & lunch meals.

  • Enjoyment of quiet, serene property both indoors and outdoors. (see pictures below).

  • Gently guided communal contemplative practice sessions to amplify your experience. (These sessions are optional to attend).

  • On-Retreat Package that includes poetry, guided meditations and other resources to ensure you have what you need to get the most out of your retreat.

  • Ten-page ‘take-home’ Resource Guide to help you bring more quiet and contemplation into your every day life.

  • 20% off a personal coaching or spiritual direction session with Christa to help you focus and tune-in for 2020.

  • Note: there is an additional charge of $75.00 if you are interested in meeting with a spiritual director.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does one do on a silent retreat?

This really depends on the individual person. For some people, getting away to just “be” includes not bringing anything at all. They walk, pray, rest, mediate, and just take time to slow down & tune into themselves. Many others bring a book, or a “handy-craft” like knitting or drawing to use for some of the time. Most people bring something to write their thoughts down.

This retreat is scheduled for the quiet of winter, so participants are encouraged to get outside and enjoy the season on the expansive property. Feel free to bring skies or snowshoes to explore.

The most important aspect of a silent retreat is to go “inside” and focus your attention on the interior landscape of yourself as opposed to your attention being pulled outwards (with technology, music, videos, conversation, magazines, social media, online browsing, etc.). If there is poetry, prayer-book, or sacred scripture that helps you move and keep your attention there, then bring it!

Can I have my phone with me?

Sure you can, but we’ll encourage you to have it in airplane mode the entire duration of the retreat. If you need to use your device it must be in the privacy of your room, and if you need to talk to someone, you will need to exit the building.

There really isn’t any talking? What about over meals?

You’ve got it. There is no talking on the retreat with the exception of brief introductions at the very beginning while everyone is getting settled in. Our meals will also be eaten in silence and you might be surprised at how remarkable an experience this actually is. You’ll receive helpful tips at the beginning of the retreat to ensure the quiet atmosphere is created and maintained.

What are the gently guided communal contemplative practice sessions about?

These sessions are optional for retreat participants and will be held in the main room. They will include Centering Prayer (Meditation), Lectio Divina, Gentle Yoga, and Breath Prayer. More information about these sessions will be provided to confirmed retreatants.

What if I want to break the silence? Can I leave the retreat?

Some people who are new to extended periods of silence feel as though they are “coming out of their skin”. They find the quiet and lack of distractions unnerving and uncomfortable. But, silence has something to teach us and is the language of the soul. It’s encouraged to surrender into the discomfort, as it will eventually subside. Of course, no one is holding anyone “hostage” to the silence and anyone is free to break their retreat and return home.

Everyone who lives with the hustle of life (read: everyone) will feel some discomfort in de-cluttering the distractions and noise on the silent retreat, but most participants discover the real goodness, truth, and beauty that emerges when we become still. We expect most participants will crave an even longer time of silence.

If you have any other questions, just contact us.



If a personal silent retreat by yourself instead of with a group of peole sounds more like your style, but you don’t really know where to begin, we can help. This option offers you suggestions to find a perfect retreat setting, giving your personalized resources to use on your retreat, and providing you “pro-tips” to help you make the most of your time. Spiritual Direction may also be available to you if you desire.

If this option interests you, please contact Christa, and we can discuss your needs and the package that will work best for you.