“Silence is the language of God” - Thomas Keating

When was the last time you took a few hours to “be” instead of “do”?

The swift speed in which life moves these days can be dizzying. Screen-time, jam-packed schedules, and the onslaught of information is making us sick. Going on a silent retreat, even if just for a few hours, allows you to calibrate the rhythms of your life as you get in touch with your body, heart, mind, and soul.

It’s counter-culture, but our core craves it like never before.

Slowing down and taking time away from your routine and distractions is the first step to inviting solitude and silence into your life



Looking for a quiet day to look inside yourself and connect with God, but wanting to be in the company of others while you do? “Alone Together” is a silent retreat where a small group of people will gather in a beautiful retreat setting and enjoy the day sharing the same space, including eating a meal in silence together. Spiritual Direction may be available during this retreat, where participants will meet with a spiritual direction for 30-45 minutes at some point throughout the day.

Next “ALONE TOGETHER” Retreat date coming soon.



If a day (or more) of solitude on a personal retreat by yourself sounds more like your style, but you don’t really know where to begin, we can help. This option offers you suggestions to find a perfect retreat setting, giving your personalized resources to use on your retreat, and providing you “pro-tips” to help you make the most of your time. Spiritual Direction may also be available to you if you desire.

If this option interests you, please contact Christa, and we can discuss your needs and the package that will work best for you.