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HUSH: an introduction to Christian Contemplative Practice

We’ll spend the afternoon in all the glorious autumn-splendor at Crieff Hills Retreat just south of Guelph.

Contemplation is anything that pierces your illusions and helps you touch Reality.” (Parker Palmer)

Christianity has a rich heritage of contemplative practice that support people’s connection to God. And, while much of these have been “lost” over the centuries, there is a growing interest and recognition of their profound support for our spiritual journey.

In this workshop, we’ll explore:

  • the history of contemplative practice within the Christian family

  • the reasons why this rich well of resources has been largely lost, and why there is a growing interest and resonance.

  • experiential practice of a number of contemplative practices including (Lectio Divina, Audio Divina, Visio Divina, Examen, Breath Prayer, and more)

Participants will walk away with a deeper appreciation for the roots of Christian contemplative practice and an experience that will support your connection to God.