An Altar in the World

Reading Resource Guide

With this Online Reading Resource Guide, you can dig into the book and bring presence and attention to your own soul.

About the Book:

An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor is a beautifully written book helping us discover the sacred in the small things we do and see every day of our life.

  • Introduction & Chapter 1: The Practice of Waking Up to God - Vision 

  • Chapters 2: The Practice of Paying Attention - Reverence

  • Chapter 3: The Practice of Wearing Skin – Incarnation

  • Chapter 4: The Practice of Walking on the Earth - Groundedness

  • Chapter 5: The Practice of Getting Lost – Wilderness

  • Chapter 6: The Practice of Encountering Others – Community

  • Chapter 7: The Practice of Living with Purpose - Vocation

  • Chapter 8: The Practice of Saying No – Sabbath

  • Chapter 9: The Practice of Carrying Water – Physical Labor

  • Chapter 10: The Practice of Feeling Pain - Breakthrough

  • Chapter 11: The Practice of Being Present to God - Prayer

  • Chapter 12: The Practice of Pronouncing Blessings - Benediction

The author expertly guides the reader to live with purpose by paying attention, slowing down, and practicing reverence. While this New York Time’s Bestseller was written a few years ago, you’ll discover just how important this book is for our time.

If you’ve read this book, you know just how powerful it is. Or, maybe it’s your first time reading this gem. Regardless, you’re invited to dive in deeply with the Reading Resource Guide.

Reading Resource Guide includes:

  • Weekly Reading plan to support your “read-at-your-own-pace” experience! Read the book as you’re able and enjoy the resources as you do! The guide helps you savour each chapter and complete it, knowing you’ve digested its content well.

  • Thoughtful questions for each chapter to help you process the ideas and how they can impact your own life.

  • Six Resource Guides that follow the chapters chalk-full of tidbits to amplify your reading, and help bring the words of the book into your every day life.

    • Resources include:

  • All resources are online and can be accessed at your own pace anywhere, anytime.

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