An Altar in the World

Reading Resource Guide


You are about to embark on a beautiful journey with An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor .

Please find ALL SIX Reading Resource Guides to support your reading experience.

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For each of the Reading Resource pages, the PASSWORD is : altar

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Reading Plan

While you can read at your own pace, here is a suggested reading guide to savour & finish the book in three months.

Week One: Reading Resource #1

  • Introduction & Chapter 1: The Practice of Waking Up to God - Vision 

 Week 2 & 3: Reading Resource #2

  • Chapters 2: The Practice of Paying Attention - Reverence

  • Chapter 3: The Practice of Wearing Skin – Incarnation

Week 4 & 5: Resource #3

  • Chapter 4: The Practice of Walking on the Earth - Groundedness

  • Chapter 5: The Practice of Getting Lost – Wilderness

Week 6 & 7: Resource #4

  • Chapter 6: The Practice of Encountering Others – Community

  • Chapter 7: The Practice of Living with Purpose - Vocation

Week 8 & 9:  Resource #5

  •  Chapter 8: The Practice of Saying No – Sabbath

  • Chapter 9: The Practice of Carrying Water – Physical Labor

Week 10-12 Resource #6

  •  Chapter 10: The Practice of Feeling Pain - Breakthrough

  • Chapter 11: The Practice of Being Present to God - Prayer

  • Chapter 12: The Practice of Pronouncing Blessings - Benediction

As a reminder, all resources are online, and can be accessed at your own pace anywhere, anytime.

For each of the Reading Resource pages, the PASSWORD is : altar